What is the process involved?

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Your Wedding Day – What a beautiful and memorable occasion

Yes there are lots of things to organize, but with careful planning, from an initial meeting, through the crafting and preparation stages, to the rehearsal and on your Wedding Day itself, my aim is to ensure everything runs smoothly so that you can both relax and enjoy every minute of your ceremony.

  • Our first contact takes place via phone, conversation, letter or email.

First Meeting

  • We talk a bit about you both, I listen a lot, taking note of general wedding plans, specifics and get details of what you have in mind for your ceremony, whether traditional, simple, formal, casual, fun or themed. I go though the ceremonial framework and leave you with resources to go through and promote further ideas for your special day.

Thinking and reflecting stage between each meeting.
You can e-mail or ring me anytime with questions.

Second Meeting

  • This is the major preparation stage for the ceremony. The fun begins with the designing of your personal ceremony, and all ideas, reflections and preliminary plans are shared.
  • I record in detail everything you want to include in your ceremony.

Final Preparation

  • The design and planning of your ceremony are finalized.
  • I send/email a draft to you both to tweak into how you would like the final ceremony to be.

Confirmation of Planning and Preparation

  • After many discussions and editing, I carefully prepare your full ceremony and you confirm you are happy with it.
  • All the necessary details re organization i.e. legal documents, music, table, etc for the day are also confirmed.

Rehearsal at Venue, if possible

  • Always a good idea to have a rehearsal close to your wedding day so as to check on standing positions, who says what and when, timing, music, etc.
  • It is advisable to have any key players from your bridal party here too so that they get to practice any readings or poetry they may have. When everyone knows what their role is, it’s going to be a lot more relaxing on the day and so much more enjoyable for everyone.

Wedding Ceremony

  • I will always arrive early and ensure everything is set up as you planned with me.

The ceremony will then take place as you both dreamed it would.



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